About Us

We are a Materials Science company specialized in Hydrogel Technology.

From next-gen contact lenses, to intelligent bioremediators, HGBeyond has disrupted the State of the Art to produce advanced “Beyond Expectations”.


HGBeyond was first born in the Labs of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), out of years of investigation from Drs. Alvarez-Lorenzo and Concheiro in the development of materials capable of controlled release of molecules into the environment, with initial focus in producing next-generation contact lenses that could heal the human eye.

In 2015, the patent of the core technology to produce next-gen hydrogels was granted in USA, Europe and Japan.


In 2015, USC incorporated Lentimed, Spin-Off participated by USC and Drs. Alvarez-Lorenzo/Concheiro.

The young startup will license to the industry, disruptive contact lenses manufacturing materials and a range of advanced Hydrogels.
The project was soon selected as to receive support from the prestigious program Mind the Gap of the Marcelino Botín Foundation.

In 2016, Lentimed started to use the Trademark HGBeyond.

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