Ultra-comfortable Contacts

Industry certified, fully functional materials for the manufacturing of contact lenses that release demulcents into the eye, in a controlled way

  • Radical increase of tolerance
  • Eye condition re-vascularization
  • Up to 14 hrs of stable release
  • Fully sight correction functional


Eye Band-Aids

Taylor-made materials for contact lenses uptaking and releasing controlled doses of  molecules, for terapeutic use

  • Eye syndroms treatment
  • Post-surgery temporary care
  • Modulable dose release
  • Compatible with sight correction


Rocking Hydrogels

Technology to develop shape-customizable materials which may uptake and/or  release substances from/to the environment, along defined timeframes.

  • Liquid or viscose media treatments
  • Cosmetics
  • Terapeutics
  • Bioremediation

HGBeyond will transform the ophthalmic field

Hydrogels beyond expectations in the ophthalmologic field

Outstanding performance as drug-eluting contact lenses for sustained ocular release

Combined function
Corrective and therapeutic
Aim: Enhance ocular bioavailability

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